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Oasis Collection Luxury Rentals

Home Meets Hotel
The original alternative accommodations brand. The best homes, in our favorite cities in Europe, the US & Latin America. Curated and professionally managed…and even those little shampoo bottles you love.

Oasis Collection Luxury Rentals

Oasis was conceived in 2008, when our Founder moved to Buenos Aires for 4 months. He wondered why there were hundreds of hotel brands, but not a single one for short-term rentals. Why should finding a place to live for a few weeks or months be any more difficult and unpredictable than booking a hotel for 2 nights?

Oasis identifies well-designed but underutilized properties in prime urban locations attractive to extended-stay travelers, remote workers and ex-pats. We add branded consistency and a hospitality touch, eliminating the guesswork and stress of finding a temporary home in a new city or country.

Meanwhile, Oasis offers property owners a hassle-free way to maximize their rental income. Win-win-win.

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