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Regent Seven Seas


Regent Seven Seas

It’s our extended family of guests, crew and shoreside team members that bring life to what we do. As we sail the world together, we share unique experiences and bear witness to the broad history and deep roots that connect us all. We discover that travel has the power to unify. Fueling those connections and building relationships as we pursue the horizon and explore the world in luxury — this is at the heart of what we do.

This story spans over 30 years, filled with many testaments to the power of travel and the beauty of the human spirit. We have been to every continent and hundreds of ports of call, continually captivated by the people and cultures, as well as the environments around them. All the while, we learn, grow and further refine what it means to cruise in luxury, something that always returns to the individual.

So, for a closer look into what makes us who we are, we’ve created a series of videos — chapters in our story, if you will — which offer more personal insights from some of the incredible people we’re so grateful are a part of the family at Regent Seven Seas Cruises.

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