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We Are Hurtigruten


Hurtigruten Group is the world’s leading adventure travel group, offering unique small-ship and land-based adventures from pole to pole and everywhere in between. We take our guests to the most spectacular areas on the planet, with visits to both pristine wilderness and genuine local communities. Hurtigruten Group is revolutionizing the travel industry’s approach to sustainability. This allows us to offer authentic local experiences while leaving a footprint we can be proud of—both in nature and the communities we visit. Our commitment to safety is as absolute as our passion for exploration. Safeguarding our guests, colleagues, partners, wildlife, and the communities we visit—as well as the destinations we visit—will always be our number one priority. Guests on a Hurtigruten adventure will always be (and feel) safe, comfortable, and engaged.

An expedition cruise with us ventures to places many have only ever dreamed about: Antarctica, Alaska, Norway, Lake Titicaca, the Northwest Passage, Machu Picchu, the Caribbean, the Gálapagos Islands, Svalbard, the British Isles… the list goes on.

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